We believe that every saved soul is commissioned to carry forth Christ's mission in the world and called to light the darkness with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is out of this strong passion and call that Light of Life Ministries International is established. The ministry was born when God gave a clear vision to Evangelist Mohammed Amin in 1994 after his miraculous conversion. Learn more..



My name is Evangelist Mohammed Amin. I’m founder of Light of Life Ministries International. The unusual combination of my name and my duty may puzzle you. I was born in a Muslim family, educated Islam in Saudi Arabia and teaching Qur’an, among many places, at Anwar Grand mosque in Ethiopia. I was active and considered myself radical. But at a certain critical point in my life Jesus revealed Himself to me miraculously. I made a U turn in my life journey. How? Find out

Some years back, the story of a certain Muslim cleric healed of AIDS, hit the head line story of the international media. That Muslim cleric named Sheik Mohammed Amin who was heald of AIDS is me - the now Evangelist Mohammed Amin. CBN and TBT were among the international Medias who covered this incredible story. Click her to read my story on CBN or watch the CBN video on your left hand side. Click her to watch my interview with TBT.

We feel we are specially called to minister to the young generation. Saving the Generation is a motto light of Life ministries international is working with. Nurturing the young with the word of life is our focus. Learn more about our children project.

We recognize that our world suffers from both physical and spiritual hunger. And we believe that we are called to minister to satisfy both. Our safe- water -project is part of our holistic ministries. Almost 1 billion people suffer with luck of access to safe water. Nearly 80% of illness in developing countries like Ethiopia is linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. In rural Ethiopia women travel every day a long distance to fetch water. The burden is quite huge. But together we can make a difference. Learn more how.